Wedding Planning And Who To Hire First.

January 1st- the beginning of a new year! You wake up, look down, stretch, yawn and smile because you will be marrying your best friend - and also because that ring looks pretty damn good on your finger. 

There are many phases to planning a wedding - 

Phase 1 : Saying YES to the man of your dreams!

Phase 2: Jumping up and down in excitement with your family and friends because its your turn!

Phase 3: You find yourself looking down at your ring while driving, changing the channel on the television and just drinking your morning joe. Why the heck not its gorgeous 

Phase 4: No its time to get into the actual planning your wedding. First, determine the season you would like to get married in and the type of wedding you would like to have (estate, barn, tent, chateau). Second, visit the venues and set your date. With out a date set it is very difficult to select your other vendors because they will have no knowledge whether they have availability.

After you have selected the venue the biggest question becomes - whats next? Do I book my Floral/design team, DJ, Band, Photographer or Videographer?

Our recommendation is to determine your floral/design team and photographer. These two play a huge role in your day.  Your floral designed will play a huge role in making your day everything you’ve imagined it to be. Your photographer will make sure you never forget how beautiful it was. Your design team will capture your vision and bring it to life, while grasping your audience and allowing them to become a part of your journey.


 Your wedding should be unlike everybody else’s because its YOUR wedding. Many brides and grooms believe that they need to determine what they are wearing before they can determine their flowers when in reality it can take you months to find the perfect attire. Meanwhile, within those months designers are continually booking weddings and your time is running out. Flowers and design can always be altered along the way when details fall into place. 


Finding a company that collects vintage items and one of a kind specialty items and unique decor will be one way to ensure your wedding wont look like anyone else’s. Peonies to Paint Chips prides its self in finding these items so that we can really capture the personalities of our wedding couples. This also means that you need to reserve those items as soon as possible because they are one of a kind so theres only one! 

Your floral and design team along with your photographer go hand in hand - its helpful to make sure your designer’s style is similar to your photographer’s style and vise versa. If your photographer shoots light, airy and whimsical your designer’s style should be natural and garden like to create cohesive photos.


Photography by Lauren Fair Associates

Venue: Hotel Du Village | Landmark Hospitality

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