Five Things That Effect A Floral Budget

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So he asked and of course....You said "Yes!!"  Finally...the moment you have waited get to plan your wedding.  Two, of the greatest and worst things to happen to wedding world, are Instagram and Pinterest.  Who hasn't spent a Friday all curled up on the couch with your favorite wine scroll through the endless pictures on both social media platforms.  It's a love-hate relationship.  Just when you think you have found the most perfect bouquet, tablescape or ceremony design...a simple scroll will introduce you to one that is even more "to die for."

Then reality sets in.  You add up all your money sources to one lump sum and work to figure out how everything will be dispersed.  So how much should I put aside for flowers and decor?  I'm glad you asked.

There are five things that will effect the overall amount you will spend.  So before you do anymore planning...spend a minute to go over this list so you can choose wisely.

One.  The size of the wedding party... While you might have been the most popular girl on the block or have been fortunate enough to amass a large group of friends, the amount of girls you have in your wedding party equates to how many bouquets you will need (or hoops, or floral bouquets, or puppy dogs).  The girls will need to carry something down the aisle.


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Two. Time of Year...We love the recent excitement of a winter wedding but some flowers only grow at certain times of the year.  If you can't live without that beautiful peony and you are getting married outside of its growing season, be prepared to spend more on that flower.  The next thing will be to see if it is even available and whether or not the flower has the overall integrity that it has during its prime season.


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Three. How Many Guests Will Be Attending? While many don't even think that this will drive their overall budget, the amount of guests you have attend will dictate how many tables there will be at your reception.  Since tablescapes often include florals and decor items, this will effect your bottom line.


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Four. Your Favorite Flowers. As we said in Number 2, not only the time of year but the types of flowers you just love will affect the overall cost of the floral expense.  When we meet with our clients, we love to get all of this information from our couples so we are not faced with having to give up the looks that many have dreamed long before they were engaged (we but instead use the beloved flowers in the best the bridal bouquet.

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Five. Repurposing Your Ceremony.  Ceremony is an extremely time in the overall's why you are doing all of this.  It is also going to be a space that will be photographed a lot by not only your photographer but also your guests.  So having the space radiate romance or have the perfect whimsical important.  Today, most ceremonies are being held at the venues and are really to extending longer than 30 minutes.  This might give you the perfect opportunity to repurpose some of the items from the ceremony into your main reception.  

Recently, we did a wedding at the Oh So beautiful Stone House at Stirling Ridge.  The ceremony was inside the venue because the weather was still not warm enough.  

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The backdrop of the alter space was a beautiful stone fireplace.  The bride, wanting to soften the overall look, loved our idea of draping fabric with a beautiful floral enhancement.  Candles never fail in giving the feel of romance.  The cluster of hanging glass balls with tiny tea lights was the perfect touch.  Once the ceremony was over and the guests moved to cocktail hour, our crew worked to move the draping and placed it over the sweetheart table.

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The result was romantic, warm and inviting.  It also was the perfect Instagramable moment for when the bride and groom were seated during speeches and dinner.

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With Love XOXO,

Deb Ross

Executive Designer


Sabrina Stillo

Executive Floral Designer


Jon Marut

Executive Artisan Prop Builder