The Changing Styles Of Corsages – 5 Alternatives To The Dated Corsage

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Finally, the day has come. You have the meeting with your florist to talk about your wedding flowers. Visions of bouquets, arbors adorned with greens and tucks of beautiful little buds have been something you have spent hours pouring through the many images on Instagram and Pinterest. Then out of nowhere, the florist asks “how many corsages will you require?” Suddenly, you have a flashback of the hideous corsage you had pinned on your prom dress. The whole night you fought with the heavily clustered arrangement of florals as it flipped forward and leaned to the side. Each hug of a friend, left you with the piercing prick of one of the five pins that were strategically places to keep the corsage in place. By the end of the night, when you were finally able to rid yourself of the bundle, you noticed the multiple holes left behind by the pins. So “corsage” is not met with the same excitement.

Corsages are a sign of importance given to a woman who has a significant meaning to the wedding couple. A mom, grandmother or stepmother are just a few of those who will need something to make them standout but take a deep sigh of relief in knowing that a corsage- as we know it- is not the only answer. Below, we have listed 5 slight twists on the original corsage and even have offered some outside of the box ideas to give a more updated look.

Large corsages of yesterday

Large corsages of yesterday

1. Floral Cuff: Worn on the wrist- this cuff clips nicely without much ado. From large flowers to small intricate buds- this can be a nice alternative and offers a little more freedom in wearing than the traditional version. There are so many bands that can be used so there is something for everyone.


2. I love this sweet little corsage. Simple floral buds, berries and greenery can be chosen. The ribbons are light which allow more freedom in movement and are all around very comfortable to wear for the day or evening. These are also easy to color coordinate with the dresses or outfits of those wearing them by matching the ribbon used or finding a nice accent color.


3. To say I LOVE this sweet alternative to the outdated corsage, would be an understatement. For the woman in your life, who likes to walk a little outside of the box this is the perfect alternative. This adorable floral purse is also the perfect solution for the woman in your life who is design savvy or who prides herself on being the cutting edge of fashion. Once again, this choice allows the ability to custom design it so that it matches by just changing the colors and types of florals used. You can also change the chain from gold to silver or with a color matched ribbon. The whole concept is fun, current and just beautiful. We have even found a way to construct the floral bag so that it will hold a small lipstick or cell phone.


4. While many love flowers, there are some who do better with the less is more theory. Just as conventional as a wrist cuff, the floral ring still gives the special nod to those special women who will be joining you on your wedding day.


5. A sweet style is adding traditional jewelry to the ordinary approach. Once the big day is over and the flowers are ready to be thrown away, the core part of this pretty corsage- the pearl bracelet- can be kept as a sweet keepsake of the special day.


We would love to hear from you. Tells us the flowers you selected for those special women in your life!!


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