For The Love Of Metallics-7 Ways To Introduce Them Into Your Wedding


It doesn’t seem like that long ago that it would have been nothing less than taboo to mix metals. However, the wedding trends of 2017 have done nothing but embrace the warmth of combining metals and the results have been amazing. Here are seven ways that you can introduce metallics to your wedding palette and create a dream worthy day.

1-Give your girls a little shimmer. Today’s bride is not only selecting individual dresses to fit the shape and style of their individual bride’s maids but the are also using variation of color. So using various metallics is not only acceptable but will create an amazing wow factor. I love this picture from Borrowed and Blue Weddings. The ranges of golds, coppers, rose gold and antique silver create a soft palette that welcome the variation of sequins, shimmer and beading.

The wedding below is one I did this past fall for Megan Cush and her lovely wedding party. Megan chose just two metallics- a champagne gold and deep slate metallic gray. You can see that the look was fabulous.

Photo by Lauren Fair

Photo by Lauren Fair

2- I am not sure if anything has caught my eye more as a designer than the metallics that have been used on today’s wedding cakes. I am amazed by the brilliance of the metals used and how they make the floral details “shine.” The cake to the left, created by Cake Ink looks stunning with it’s 14 Karat gold base while the cake to the right, by Decadence Fine Cakes and Confections. The pretty jewel band around the middle gives a nice glamorous touch.


3. Table tops are a great way of showing off metallic details. Feel free to combine different metals to create variety or add a metallic runner to create a little glam.


This little taste of gold was from a photo shoot that I did with Kay English Photography at the beautiful Ashford Estate. The gold metallic give this pretty tabletop just the right amount of glam.


These sweet rose gold candlesticks look great sitting on top of this rustic farm table proving that these metal accents can work in any type of style.

4. Why not give your wedding guests a little bit of a preview by adding a little metallic detail on your invitations! How sweet are these gray (so in style!!) and rose gold invitations. They just give the right amount of style and have a soothing toned in combination.


5. Maybe you are still a little on the fence of incorporating gold, silver, copper or rose gold to your wedding pallet. Table number, like the one shown below, maybe just a small touch for you to incorporate this very popular trend. The numbers shown below can be custom created to add another color of your wedding by using it on the paper that the numbers will be printed on. Take note of the super cute silver table number stand to add another element subtly. Love!!


6. Don’t rule out props when thinking of ways to add metallic. We love this very bold and gold mirror that we used during a photoshoot in Lambertville, NJ with Laura Billingham Photography. Add a metallic mirror to a welcome area or print your table seating chart on it. Mirrors provide endless chances to give a nod to this very popular trend.


7. The ever so popular selfie wall or station in the following pictures show the beauty of gold but any metallic would look just as lovely.


We would love to hear from you! Let us know how you used metals in your wedding planning.


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