Venue...Check! Now what?!?


He popped the question and of course you said “YES!!” Before you even got the ring back from being fitted, you had been to over 7 different venues and finally picked the place. Date…location…your bestie would, of course, be the Maid of Honor…check…check…check…but then you ventured onto Pinterest and your head started spinning from the endless choices. Colors, vibes, styles and even linen choices leave you wondering “what type of bride/groom am I?”
I’m so glad you asked!! Whether someone sent you here directly or you stumbled upon Peonies to Paint Chips  on your quest to find your answer, I’m glad you found us. Peonies to Paint Chips is not just another design firm rehashing the latest wedding trends or even dragging along a few that have seen their day. Peonies to Paint Chips is where trends are developed. Wedding design should not be just based on what the industry says is the color palette of the year. Wedding styles should be reflective of the bride and groom and  not just with color but with wedding props, florals and most importantly, details.



So it is our mission to walk a little outside of the box and take you with us.  We will be testing all sorts of great ideas, color combinations and amazing prop displays.  So whether you are Oh So Boho, Whimsically Woodland, Glam, Rustic or not even sure at this point, join us on this very exciting adventure of finding out exactly what type of wedding couple you really are…and enjoy…this is the best time of your life.


Peonies to Paint Chips

Deb, Sabrina & Jon