70’S Volkswagon Bus Photobooth

I  must admit…I was not one who got the whole revelation of photo booths at weddings.  Back a few years ago, they seems clunky and almost unsightly as a big black box perched at the rear of a wedding reception space.  Then I attended my reunion and the love affair began.  I think at one point there were six of us smooshed into what seemed like a cardboard box behind a black curtain.  I don’t remember because I was laughing too hard!!  But it had me thinking…as most of us with the incessant need



The love of the Oh So Boho bride made the purchase of our vintage beauty easy.  However, when she came to us she had seen a better day and was in need of a few repairs and some pretty light blue paint.  We kept the original back seat but gave it boost by reupholstering it in a fun velvety fabric and gave her a little more cushion.  A full photo booth system was installed as well as a wood floor and she was ready for some action.

Some things to consider when renting a photo booth:

  1. Do your guests get to bring home pictures that they took?  Everyone who enjoys ours brings home 4 pictures!!
  2. Do you get a copy of the photos so that you can enjoy looking at them after the wedding? We provide our clients with access to the photos.
  3. Can you personalize the photos that your guests bring home?  Absolutely!!!
  4. How many pictures do we get?  Our basic package has 200 but you can always add more.
  5. How many hours do we have access to the photobooth?  Our basic package is for three hours but you can extend the time
  6. What happens if we don’t know how to work it?  No worries!!  We have someone operate everything the entire time.


But for those who have had the fun of having your pictures taken in a photo booth, know that a great deal of the enjoyment relies on the props.  Our little love has all of the fun props that you can imagine!!  Google glasses to crazy wigs…especially our 70’s super big afro wig.  So no more plain black box for your wedding or event…our sweet vintage bus will be certain to make your guests smile.


Peonies to Paint Chips

Deb, Sabrina and Jon