Wedding Planning And Who To Hire First.

January 1st- the beginning of a new year! You wake up, look down, stretch, yawn and smile because you will be marrying your best friend - and also because that ring looks pretty damn good on your finger. 

There are many phases to planning a wedding - 

Phase 1 : Saying YES to the man of your dreams!

Phase 2: Jumping up and down in excitement with your family and friends because its your turn!

Phase 3: You find yourself looking down at your ring while driving, changing the channel on the television and just drinking your morning joe. Why the heck not its gorgeous 

Phase 4: No its time to get into the actual planning your wedding. First, determine the season you would like to get married in and the type of wedding you would like to have (estate, barn, tent, chateau). Second, visit the venues and set your date. With out a date set it is very difficult to select your other vendors because they will have no knowledge whether they have availability.

After you have selected the venue the biggest question becomes - whats next? Do I book my Floral/design team, DJ, Band, Photographer or Videographer?

Our recommendation is to determine your floral/design team and photographer. These two play a huge role in your day.  Your floral designed will play a huge role in making your day everything you’ve imagined it to be. Your photographer will make sure you never forget how beautiful it was. Your design team will capture your vision and bring it to life, while grasping your audience and allowing them to become a part of your journey.


 Your wedding should be unlike everybody else’s because its YOUR wedding. Many brides and grooms believe that they need to determine what they are wearing before they can determine their flowers when in reality it can take you months to find the perfect attire. Meanwhile, within those months designers are continually booking weddings and your time is running out. Flowers and design can always be altered along the way when details fall into place. 


Finding a company that collects vintage items and one of a kind specialty items and unique decor will be one way to ensure your wedding wont look like anyone else’s. Peonies to Paint Chips prides its self in finding these items so that we can really capture the personalities of our wedding couples. This also means that you need to reserve those items as soon as possible because they are one of a kind so theres only one! 

Your floral and design team along with your photographer go hand in hand - its helpful to make sure your designer’s style is similar to your photographer’s style and vise versa. If your photographer shoots light, airy and whimsical your designer’s style should be natural and garden like to create cohesive photos.


Photography by Lauren Fair Associates

Venue: Hotel Du Village | Landmark Hospitality

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Five Things That Effect A Floral Budget

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 4.25.16 PM.png

So he asked and of course....You said "Yes!!"  Finally...the moment you have waited get to plan your wedding.  Two, of the greatest and worst things to happen to wedding world, are Instagram and Pinterest.  Who hasn't spent a Friday all curled up on the couch with your favorite wine scroll through the endless pictures on both social media platforms.  It's a love-hate relationship.  Just when you think you have found the most perfect bouquet, tablescape or ceremony design...a simple scroll will introduce you to one that is even more "to die for."

Then reality sets in.  You add up all your money sources to one lump sum and work to figure out how everything will be dispersed.  So how much should I put aside for flowers and decor?  I'm glad you asked.

There are five things that will effect the overall amount you will spend.  So before you do anymore planning...spend a minute to go over this list so you can choose wisely.

One.  The size of the wedding party... While you might have been the most popular girl on the block or have been fortunate enough to amass a large group of friends, the amount of girls you have in your wedding party equates to how many bouquets you will need (or hoops, or floral bouquets, or puppy dogs).  The girls will need to carry something down the aisle.


Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 3.34.01 PM.png

Two. Time of Year...We love the recent excitement of a winter wedding but some flowers only grow at certain times of the year.  If you can't live without that beautiful peony and you are getting married outside of its growing season, be prepared to spend more on that flower.  The next thing will be to see if it is even available and whether or not the flower has the overall integrity that it has during its prime season.


Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 3.38.25 PM.png

Three. How Many Guests Will Be Attending? While many don't even think that this will drive their overall budget, the amount of guests you have attend will dictate how many tables there will be at your reception.  Since tablescapes often include florals and decor items, this will effect your bottom line.


Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 3.44.22 PM.png

Four. Your Favorite Flowers. As we said in Number 2, not only the time of year but the types of flowers you just love will affect the overall cost of the floral expense.  When we meet with our clients, we love to get all of this information from our couples so we are not faced with having to give up the looks that many have dreamed long before they were engaged (we but instead use the beloved flowers in the best the bridal bouquet.

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 3.51.19 PM.png

Five. Repurposing Your Ceremony.  Ceremony is an extremely time in the overall's why you are doing all of this.  It is also going to be a space that will be photographed a lot by not only your photographer but also your guests.  So having the space radiate romance or have the perfect whimsical important.  Today, most ceremonies are being held at the venues and are really to extending longer than 30 minutes.  This might give you the perfect opportunity to repurpose some of the items from the ceremony into your main reception.  

Recently, we did a wedding at the Oh So beautiful Stone House at Stirling Ridge.  The ceremony was inside the venue because the weather was still not warm enough.  

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 3.52.37 PM.png

The backdrop of the alter space was a beautiful stone fireplace.  The bride, wanting to soften the overall look, loved our idea of draping fabric with a beautiful floral enhancement.  Candles never fail in giving the feel of romance.  The cluster of hanging glass balls with tiny tea lights was the perfect touch.  Once the ceremony was over and the guests moved to cocktail hour, our crew worked to move the draping and placed it over the sweetheart table.

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 3.52.54 PM.png

The result was romantic, warm and inviting.  It also was the perfect Instagramable moment for when the bride and groom were seated during speeches and dinner.

We would love to hear what you think...and please follow us on Instagram @frompeoniestopaintchipsxo.

With Love XOXO,

Deb Ross

Executive Designer


Sabrina Stillo

Executive Floral Designer


Jon Marut

Executive Artisan Prop Builder

5 Unbelievable Cake Displays

I don't know of anyone who doesn't savor the thought of eating wedding cake...cannoli filling with a light and airy white cake or chocolate ganache paired perfectly with a light raspberry flavor slab of deliciousness.  Just writing the words is making me crave just a mouthful.  

More than likely, you have spent some time tasting and designing your wedding cake.  You have ordered the perfect topper. Appointments with a floral designer have involved choosing the types of flowers you want and how they would be arranged. Wedding cake...check that off the list!  

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 9.57.22 AM.png

Not so fast!  After all the hours spent on Pinterest, the tasting, and making phone calls to those directly involved, can you imagine your disappointment when walking into your reception and finding the most beautiful and tasty wedding cake perched on top of 30" round table with a linen thrown on top?

Traditions have come and gone in wedding world.  Thirty years ago, when the wedding cake was making its big debut, a gold cart would be wheeled out from the kitchen onto the dance floor.  You, ceremoniously, would cut into this mountain of sweetness, in front of all your guests as they  "ooooohed" and "ahhhhhhed".   Your new spouse and you sharing the ceremonious feeding one fork full of the cake you spent hours contemplating.  This is a thing of the past.

Today, cakes are still the center of attention in a much different light.  Instead of making a short appearance before being sliced to serve, the cake is on display for the entire event.  This slight change has allowed us to create cake displays that are can be tied into the overall vibe of your wedding. The actual cake ties into the complete design.

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 10.28.39 AM.png

One of our most popular cake displays is this golden beauty.  It's simple and can be designed to work with most styles and vibes.  A cake stand can be added for additional height and greens just give it some softness.



Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 10.14.04 AM.png

If a vintage or a garden wedding is the look you are trying to create, this beauty is sure to make a grand appearance.  This is an outstanding cake display and later can be used as a backdrop for pictures.



Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 12.08.08 PM.png

Simply rustic allowed us to take this sweet cake and give it the perfect backdrop of a rustic barn found in an old barn. Don't miss the cute cake stand of the gold suitcase for an added feature.  Photo courtesy of Lauren Fair.



Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 12.08.33 PM.png

We love that some of our wedding couples are not just having wedding cakes but are also incorporating dessert displays.  We love this sweet set up of macaroons but why not think of adding customized cupcakes, cookies or cake pops- just ask us and we will tell you our favorite source to get them!!

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 9.59.59 AM.png

Most of all, like all aspects of your wedding, have fun!!  These decor items should be a reflection of who you are as a couple and individuals.  I can promise you that your guests won't be disappointed.  


We would love for you to come and visit our design center.  We have over 20,000 rentable pieces plus a complete floral division.  Don't see what you want in our inventory?  No worries.  Our prop artisans are on hand to create all of your their are no limits.  If you would like to set up an appointment, please go to the HIRE US tab and fill out the contact information.

In the meantime, you can also follow us on Instagram @frompeoniestopaintchipsxo or contact us directly at


Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 9.59.18 AM.png

Always remember to dream big!!  This was from our photoshoot at Bonnet Island.  I love it because it always reminds us that no dream is too big.  Photo courtesy Kay English. As seen in NJ Bride Magazine.

With Love XOXOXO,

Deb Ross

Executive Designer


Sabrina Stillo

Executive Floral Designer


Jon Marut

Executive Prop Artisan


For The Love Of Metallics-7 Ways To Introduce Them Into Your Wedding


It doesn’t seem like that long ago that it would have been nothing less than taboo to mix metals. However, the wedding trends of 2017 have done nothing but embrace the warmth of combining metals and the results have been amazing. Here are seven ways that you can introduce metallics to your wedding palette and create a dream worthy day.

1-Give your girls a little shimmer. Today’s bride is not only selecting individual dresses to fit the shape and style of their individual bride’s maids but the are also using variation of color. So using various metallics is not only acceptable but will create an amazing wow factor. I love this picture from Borrowed and Blue Weddings. The ranges of golds, coppers, rose gold and antique silver create a soft palette that welcome the variation of sequins, shimmer and beading.

The wedding below is one I did this past fall for Megan Cush and her lovely wedding party. Megan chose just two metallics- a champagne gold and deep slate metallic gray. You can see that the look was fabulous.

Photo by Lauren Fair

Photo by Lauren Fair

2- I am not sure if anything has caught my eye more as a designer than the metallics that have been used on today’s wedding cakes. I am amazed by the brilliance of the metals used and how they make the floral details “shine.” The cake to the left, created by Cake Ink looks stunning with it’s 14 Karat gold base while the cake to the right, by Decadence Fine Cakes and Confections. The pretty jewel band around the middle gives a nice glamorous touch.


3. Table tops are a great way of showing off metallic details. Feel free to combine different metals to create variety or add a metallic runner to create a little glam.


This little taste of gold was from a photo shoot that I did with Kay English Photography at the beautiful Ashford Estate. The gold metallic give this pretty tabletop just the right amount of glam.


These sweet rose gold candlesticks look great sitting on top of this rustic farm table proving that these metal accents can work in any type of style.

4. Why not give your wedding guests a little bit of a preview by adding a little metallic detail on your invitations! How sweet are these gray (so in style!!) and rose gold invitations. They just give the right amount of style and have a soothing toned in combination.


5. Maybe you are still a little on the fence of incorporating gold, silver, copper or rose gold to your wedding pallet. Table number, like the one shown below, maybe just a small touch for you to incorporate this very popular trend. The numbers shown below can be custom created to add another color of your wedding by using it on the paper that the numbers will be printed on. Take note of the super cute silver table number stand to add another element subtly. Love!!


6. Don’t rule out props when thinking of ways to add metallic. We love this very bold and gold mirror that we used during a photoshoot in Lambertville, NJ with Laura Billingham Photography. Add a metallic mirror to a welcome area or print your table seating chart on it. Mirrors provide endless chances to give a nod to this very popular trend.


7. The ever so popular selfie wall or station in the following pictures show the beauty of gold but any metallic would look just as lovely.


We would love to hear from you! Let us know how you used metals in your wedding planning.


Peonies to Paint Chips

Deb, Sabrina, and Jon

The Changing Styles Of Corsages – 5 Alternatives To The Dated Corsage

cuff (1).jpg

Finally, the day has come. You have the meeting with your florist to talk about your wedding flowers. Visions of bouquets, arbors adorned with greens and tucks of beautiful little buds have been something you have spent hours pouring through the many images on Instagram and Pinterest. Then out of nowhere, the florist asks “how many corsages will you require?” Suddenly, you have a flashback of the hideous corsage you had pinned on your prom dress. The whole night you fought with the heavily clustered arrangement of florals as it flipped forward and leaned to the side. Each hug of a friend, left you with the piercing prick of one of the five pins that were strategically places to keep the corsage in place. By the end of the night, when you were finally able to rid yourself of the bundle, you noticed the multiple holes left behind by the pins. So “corsage” is not met with the same excitement.

Corsages are a sign of importance given to a woman who has a significant meaning to the wedding couple. A mom, grandmother or stepmother are just a few of those who will need something to make them standout but take a deep sigh of relief in knowing that a corsage- as we know it- is not the only answer. Below, we have listed 5 slight twists on the original corsage and even have offered some outside of the box ideas to give a more updated look.

Large corsages of yesterday

Large corsages of yesterday

1. Floral Cuff: Worn on the wrist- this cuff clips nicely without much ado. From large flowers to small intricate buds- this can be a nice alternative and offers a little more freedom in wearing than the traditional version. There are so many bands that can be used so there is something for everyone.


2. I love this sweet little corsage. Simple floral buds, berries and greenery can be chosen. The ribbons are light which allow more freedom in movement and are all around very comfortable to wear for the day or evening. These are also easy to color coordinate with the dresses or outfits of those wearing them by matching the ribbon used or finding a nice accent color.


3. To say I LOVE this sweet alternative to the outdated corsage, would be an understatement. For the woman in your life, who likes to walk a little outside of the box this is the perfect alternative. This adorable floral purse is also the perfect solution for the woman in your life who is design savvy or who prides herself on being the cutting edge of fashion. Once again, this choice allows the ability to custom design it so that it matches by just changing the colors and types of florals used. You can also change the chain from gold to silver or with a color matched ribbon. The whole concept is fun, current and just beautiful. We have even found a way to construct the floral bag so that it will hold a small lipstick or cell phone.


4. While many love flowers, there are some who do better with the less is more theory. Just as conventional as a wrist cuff, the floral ring still gives the special nod to those special women who will be joining you on your wedding day.


5. A sweet style is adding traditional jewelry to the ordinary approach. Once the big day is over and the flowers are ready to be thrown away, the core part of this pretty corsage- the pearl bracelet- can be kept as a sweet keepsake of the special day.


We would love to hear from you. Tells us the flowers you selected for those special women in your life!!


Peonie to Paint Chips

Deb, Sabrina and Jon

Boho Summer Bride

If warm summer days and dreamy boho details speak to your wedding dreams, be prepared to swoon over this stunning Boho bridal photoshoot that we did at the magnificent Bonnet Island (Jersey Shore). Kay English Photography captured the love, details and romance of the day. It was truly one of my favorite professional days!


The day started wth the sun coming up across the Atlantic Ocean and we were all abuzz with one of the most beautiful gowns I have ever seen by Hayley Paige. It was just spectacular. Form fitting lace the color of sand on the top with a flowing skirted bottom that just seemed to sweep along the shore line. We knew this beauty of a dress needed something out of the ordinary when it came to a veil but we were concerned that a regular lace veil would be too distracting. Keeping with the whole Boho vibe, we used hemp rope and braided the head piece and glued live daisies on trailing hemp strands. The results were better than we could have even imagined.


What would any bride be without a beautiful bouquet of flowers. We love the “just gathered” look as if the couple was walking the beach before the wedding and gathered the flowers along the way. The soft Pantone palette make the whole “look” soft, calm and oh so boho romantic.


Bonnet Island, Weddings of Distinction, has a rustic, sweet chapel on their property. It was only natural to incorporate some beach and water themed decor to give it more of a boho feel. We especially love the beach worn oars we found at a flea market that framed the entrance way.

arm ocean breezes and a perfect sunset made a beach reception the perfect way to end the exciting day. Oyster shells dipped in gold acted as table seating placement cards and sea grass with tucks of brightly colored florals replaced the standard flower arrangement. Random colored bottles added a soothing watercolor feel across the table coupled with the paled blue linen napkins.


While most would not place their beautiful wedding cake in the ocean, we couldn’t resist having a little fun with a piece we fondly call “Fiona.” As if washed away at sea, vintage teapots, bottles and of course, the cake were caught in the macrame netting as almost a gift from nature.

To see more of this beautiful photoshoot, please pick up a current copy of NJ Bride Magazine. We have also been graced with Kleinfeld’s- Say Yes To the Dress-Wedding dresses so stay tuned!!


 Peonies to Paint Chips

Deb, Sabrina and Jon

70’S Volkswagon Bus Photobooth

I  must admit…I was not one who got the whole revelation of photo booths at weddings.  Back a few years ago, they seems clunky and almost unsightly as a big black box perched at the rear of a wedding reception space.  Then I attended my reunion and the love affair began.  I think at one point there were six of us smooshed into what seemed like a cardboard box behind a black curtain.  I don’t remember because I was laughing too hard!!  But it had me thinking…as most of us with the incessant need



The love of the Oh So Boho bride made the purchase of our vintage beauty easy.  However, when she came to us she had seen a better day and was in need of a few repairs and some pretty light blue paint.  We kept the original back seat but gave it boost by reupholstering it in a fun velvety fabric and gave her a little more cushion.  A full photo booth system was installed as well as a wood floor and she was ready for some action.

Some things to consider when renting a photo booth:

  1. Do your guests get to bring home pictures that they took?  Everyone who enjoys ours brings home 4 pictures!!
  2. Do you get a copy of the photos so that you can enjoy looking at them after the wedding? We provide our clients with access to the photos.
  3. Can you personalize the photos that your guests bring home?  Absolutely!!!
  4. How many pictures do we get?  Our basic package has 200 but you can always add more.
  5. How many hours do we have access to the photobooth?  Our basic package is for three hours but you can extend the time
  6. What happens if we don’t know how to work it?  No worries!!  We have someone operate everything the entire time.


But for those who have had the fun of having your pictures taken in a photo booth, know that a great deal of the enjoyment relies on the props.  Our little love has all of the fun props that you can imagine!!  Google glasses to crazy wigs…especially our 70’s super big afro wig.  So no more plain black box for your wedding or event…our sweet vintage bus will be certain to make your guests smile.


Peonies to Paint Chips

Deb, Sabrina and Jon

Venue...Check! Now what?!?


He popped the question and of course you said “YES!!” Before you even got the ring back from being fitted, you had been to over 7 different venues and finally picked the place. Date…location…your bestie would, of course, be the Maid of Honor…check…check…check…but then you ventured onto Pinterest and your head started spinning from the endless choices. Colors, vibes, styles and even linen choices leave you wondering “what type of bride/groom am I?”
I’m so glad you asked!! Whether someone sent you here directly or you stumbled upon Peonies to Paint Chips  on your quest to find your answer, I’m glad you found us. Peonies to Paint Chips is not just another design firm rehashing the latest wedding trends or even dragging along a few that have seen their day. Peonies to Paint Chips is where trends are developed. Wedding design should not be just based on what the industry says is the color palette of the year. Wedding styles should be reflective of the bride and groom and  not just with color but with wedding props, florals and most importantly, details.



So it is our mission to walk a little outside of the box and take you with us.  We will be testing all sorts of great ideas, color combinations and amazing prop displays.  So whether you are Oh So Boho, Whimsically Woodland, Glam, Rustic or not even sure at this point, join us on this very exciting adventure of finding out exactly what type of wedding couple you really are…and enjoy…this is the best time of your life.


Peonies to Paint Chips

Deb, Sabrina & Jon